Ag agencies expect bad news for parish crops

Farmers in Avoyelles have already been dealt a harsh blow by a history-making August rainstorm, but the periodic showers since then have made a bad situation worse.
County Agent Justin Dufour said the LSU AgCenter and other agriculture agencies will be doing a “large and descriptive survey of damages. We will assess the overall damage to crops caused by the flooding.”

Avoyelles Parish catches 'rock fever'

Rocks such as these have been showing up around Avoyelles Parish and beyond the parish borders as part of a growing craze in painting, hiding, finding and relocating rocks with colorful designs and inspirational messages. {Photo from Avoyelles Parish Rocks Facebook page}

Some liken it to a year-round Easter egg hunt. Others compare it to the Pokemon Go craze. It can be called “rock fever,” and it appears to be contagious.

This latest search-and-find phenomenon is “Avoyelles Parish Rocks.”



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