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A gun safe filled with over 300 confiscated guns will be emptied soon. The issue was discussed during the Marksville City Council meeting on Wednesday,December 11.


After working with the district attorney’s office, it was discovered that most of the crinimal cases involving the guns have concluded. Therefore the guns do not have to be held anymore.  The council gave the police department permission to sell the guns to Silver Dollar Pawn Shop in Alexandria.

Assistant Chief Brian Bernard said the gun sale should give the Marksville Police Department enough funds to purchase AR-15 rifles. Bernard said there are three officers, one on each shift, certified to handle an AR-15 rifle. He added that with the rifles and proper training, more officers could be certified in the handling of the weapon.

 Mayor Lemoine was cautious about the request and questioned why the rifles needed to be purchased. Bernard said there could be situations where a rifle is needed more than a handgun. The council approved the request.

In other business, Marksville is considering a limit on how far employees can live outside of fhe city limits of Marksville and still work full-time for the city. Recently, a full-time fireman moved 130 to 140 miles away from Marksville, but still gets to work on time. Mayor Lemoine said the fireman is a first responder and if if he needs to get to the city quickly for an emergency, he would be over two hours away.

The issue was tabled and information will be researched from other municipalities on their polices.

The city will buy a bite suit to help train the K-9 dogs. The suit will cost an estimated $7,500 and the funds will come from confiscated drug money.

Marksville will also look at its current taser policy. Temporary Police Chief Elster Smith will re-visit the policy and make recommendations on possible changes.

The city will advertise for a company to handle its computer repair business. A recent computer repair cost the city $1,700 and Mayor Lemoine wants to bid out the computer repair contract to see if the city could get a lower price. He also wants to see if Facebook and other social media sites could be blocked from city- owned computers.