John Schneider talks about his life, acting career, music and the show that still defines him to many -- the Dukes of Hazzard -- during a radio interview in Marksville earlier this month. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

John Schneider shares a few 'Dukes' facts

During his recent visit to Marksville, actor/singer John Schneider shared facts about his life, tragedies and triumphs -- and some behind the scenes tidbits about those rascally Duke boys from the


Actor/Singer John Schneider (left) snags a piece of hogshead cheese while talking with KAPB production manager/radio host Niles Laborde (center). Gatlin Kinman, 10, of Echo waits his turn. He has a model of the "General Lee" -- the car Schneider drove in "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series -- in his other hand. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

John Schneider sings one of his latest songs during a radio show at KAPB in Marksville on May 9. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

Actor/singer John ‘Bo Duke’ Schneider praises parish for ‘embracing history’

In a career that has taken him around the world, this was his first visit to Marksville -- and John Schneider liked what he found here. “I love it here,” Schneider said.


Hypolite Bordelon House is one of the oldest homes in Avoyelles Parish. This reminder of both a simpler and harder time in the parish’s history is an important link to the history of this parish and its people. After being closed for a few years, the small museum will be reopened on May 1. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

Hypolite Bordelon House to reopen May 1

It’s been said you can’t throw a rock in Avoyelles Parish without hitting a Bordelon. If you’re not a Bordelon, you probably have cousins -- or in-laws -- who are.



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