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A throng of worshipers hail Jesus of Nazareth as the “king of the Jews,” “son of David” and “messiah” as the desert-dwelling healer/teacher rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Jewish leaders told the Nazarene carpenter-turned-prophet to rebuke the crowd, but Jesus quipped that if the crowd didn’t proclaim it, the rocks would. {Artwork by Eduard von Gebhardt (1838-1925)}

‘King of Jews’ arrives in Jerusalem

{Editor’s Note: This series depicts how the events of Jesus Christ’s last week in Jerusalem could have been reported by a newspaper.

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Floyd Bonnette of Fifth Ward fills up one of the many bird feeders at his house. Bonnette has been watching birds his entire life and says they now brighten his days in retirement.

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These are a couple of the many robins who descended on lawns earlier this month. Most of the migratory songbirds were on their way back to their nesting areas in the North and Canada, but some remain here year-round to raise their young. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

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A flock of robins stop in Floyd Bonnette’s tallow tree for a quick snack on Feb. 3. They also helped themselves to earthworms that had been coaxed out of the ground by recent rains and warmer weather. The appearance of robins is said to mean that Spring is just around the corner. It seems the birds were right. {Photo by Floyd Bonnette}

First robins of spring seen in Avoyelles

Are two birds in the yard worth more than one ‘hog in the ground? We may have the answer to that question.

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Future stickballers (from left) Maya Lopez, Kaiden Pierite and Emilio Lopez, all of Marksville, practice what they learned during last year’s Native American stickball clinic. The Tunica-Biloxi will be hosting the 3rd annual Stickball Clinic & Exhibition on the Chief Joseph A. Pierite Pow Wow Grounds in Marksville on this Saturday (Feb. 17). Stickball experts will teach the clinic and play an exhibition game. For the first time, non-tribal members will be allowed to participate in the training for a $10 fee. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

Tunica-Biloxi to hold 3rd annual Stickball Clinic/exhibition

What many call “America’s first sport” will once again be taught and demonstrated on the Tunica-Biloxi Reservation in Marksville this month.



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