8 Days in Jerusalem series available in archives

For the past two years, Avoyelles Today has run an 8-part series entitled "8 Days In Jerusalem" from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Those who enjoyed the series for the past two years, and those who may have missed it before, are invited to locate it in the "editorial" tab archives for April 14-21, 2019. They will also pop up if you google something like "raymond l. daye 8 days in jerusulem 2019." That version has the art work of great master painters to illustrate a main event during what many call Passion Week. The 2018 series did not have artwork.

The articles reflect the events of that historic Passover Week, as reported in the Gospels, but are written in "newspaper style." They are not intended to "sermonize" to non-Christians. The information is not presented in any way that would favor one denomination's views of Christ's last week over any other denomination's.

It is our hope that those who read the articles will find them entertaining on one level and possibly inspirational on another.

While we may not be able to gather to worship as we traditionally do at this time of year, we can at least remember "the reason for the season."

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