14-year-old boy charged with arson of family home

A 14-year-old Marksville youth was arrested July 9 by State Fire Marshal’s Office agents and charged with aggravated arson of his family home on Lorio Street.

There were three adults and four children in the home when the boy set several fires.

Damage was limited to two bedrooms in the home.

The family reported hearing the carbon monoxide detector alarm, but couldn't locate the source.

Then the smoke alarm sounded.

Family members located the flames in a bedroom and extinguished the fire, authorities said.

A family member then noticed a fire had been set in another bedroom. That fire was also extinguished.

There were no injuries.

Marksville Fire Department responded to the alarm and requested the Fire Marshal’s Office investigate the apparent arson fire.

Authorities said the boy admitted at the scene that he set the fires and had hidden the lighter behind a tree.


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