Avoyelles Police Jury hopes repairs convince Marksville to annex Tricia Park

For several years, the Avoyelles Parish Police Jury has moaned, groaned, complained but eventually paid for repairs to an unincorporated subdivision that somehow a previous jury agreed to accept as its responsibility.

Nobody knows why or how. All today’s jurors know is this: like a man who has to pay alimony to his ex-wife until she gets married, the jury is stuck with Tricia Park unless it is someday annexed into the City of Marksville.

Jurors are now seriously considering a major capital improvement project for Tricia Park subdivision’s sewer treatment system that they hope will lead to the subdivision being brought into the city limits.

Parish Engineer Ron Bordelon told jurors it will cost $200-300,000 to bring the subdivision’s sewer system up to Marksville’s code standards.

Police Jury President Charles Jones said he believes city officials have promised to annex Tricia Park into the city limits and connect its sewer system to the city’s once the subdivision meets all city standards.

However, he said the jury needs to verify what the city has agreed to do and what the parish needs to do to bring the subdivision up to city standards.

“We inherited Tricia Park,” Jones said, referring to a decision by a previous Police Jury many years ago to accept responsibility for the unincorporated subdivision.

“If we can shed ourselves of it, maybe that is what we should do,” Jones said. “However, if it costs too much money for us to be able to do that, we may need to decide to struggle along as we are doing.”

At its May 14 meeting, the jury selected the Tricia Park sewer system improvements as its Community Development Block Grant application project.

The parish has also applied for state capital outlay funds for the project.


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