Avoyelles School District working on promoting positives in schools

Avoyelles Parish School Superintendent Blaine Dauzat is taking the lead in getting good news out about the Avoyelles Parish School system.

Dauzat believes some local media outlets and other groups are overly critical of the public school system.

“It’s time we start presenting all the facts,” Dauzat said. “We’ve sat back and let certain groups be extremely critical of us.  They don’t fully understand our challenges.

“We’re going on the offensive,” he continued, “rather than just wait for the criticism and try to defend ourselves. We’re going to start promoting all the positives of our school system more than we ever have.”

He said the district and all schools now have Facebook sites to promote the positives in the schools. Three of the four high schools have weekly radio shows.

All schools have a designated media liaison to provide stories to the local media, which has already resulted in many more news items being reported than in the past, he said.

“Sometimes, to be honest, the criticism is fair, but there are times when it’s just plain wrong,” he added.  “We’re going to do more to get the whole story out there.”


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