Bunkie Record celebrates 131st birthday

The Bunkie Record celebrates the conclusion of its 131st year in publication -- and the start of its 132nd -- with this issue.

The town of Bunkie has had a weekly newspaper since July 8, 1888 when Civil War veteran Lynn Tanner and his partner, G.H. Harvill, printed the first editiion of The Bunkie Blade. Later that year, H.A. Tanner took over the newspaper. He was succeeded by E.R. Tanner in 1890.

At that time the Blade had a circulation of 600 copies.

Several editors have penned many columns over the years. Perhaps the most colorful was J. Howard Fore, who moved to Bunkie in 1927 and became editor.

Fore served as editor the first time from 1927-1957, when the paper was purchased by Paul and Sue Eakin from W. D. Haas Jr., who was also serving as president of the Bunkie Record.

“Destiny sent me, and I do believe in fate, to edit the struggling little Bunkie Record, a paper hardly known beyond the confines of the community it was designed to serve,” Fore said in the Dec. 29, 1959, edition of the paper.

The Eakin family ran the paper until January 29, 1959, when the paper was purchased by the Evergreen Corporation out of Alexandria. Jack Delaney became editor on February 11, 1959.

In November of that year, Matt Vernon of Eunice became publisher and re-hired Fore as editor.

Fore served in that capacity until February of 1961, when Steve Hebert assumed that post, in addition to being general manager.

“For God and Home and Native Land” appeared under the banner during his term as editor.

Jacquie Nibert served as editor from October through December of 1961 when the paper was purchased by Jim Levy.

Levy and his wife Lois ran the paper until it joined the Louisiana State Newspaper chain in May 1987. Shortly after that, Garland Foreman became the editor and served about 30 years.

In February 1989 the paper joined forces with two other Avoyelles Parish newspapers -- the Marksville Weekly News and the Avoyelles Journal. The three newspapers are published under the umbrella of Avoyelles Publishing Company.

The Bunkie Record has won many awards in its history.

The Bunkie Record remains committed to providing excellent local coverage of the surrounding communities.

It is read not only in the homes of Bunkie and Avoyelles Parish, but throughout the world as former residents continue to subscribe and have the Record mailed to them.

“The Bunkie Record has been an important force in this parish and the surrounding communities for many years,” Editor Raymond L. Daye said. “There is no reason to believe it will not continue to play an important role in providing information and in working to support economic development in the Bunkie area and throughout Avoyelles and neighboring communities.”


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