Public schools to go to 4 days next fall

New board approves 4 day week

In only their third meeting as a new board, the Avoyelles Parish School Board has approved a 4 day school week.

In a 7-2 vote, the board passed the proposal during the regular monthly meeting tonight, March 12.

The 4 day week will take affect at the start of the 2019-20120 school year. Currently the school week is five days long.

Principals in attendance at the meeting were in favor of the shorter school week, citing the move should attract more teachers to Avoyelles Schools. Currently, the pay rate in Avoyelles is lower than the state average, and offering the short work week is expected to offer an incentive that other neighboring parishes do not offer..

This is not the first time a 4 day week has been put in place in the public school system. However it has been some time since the last attempt.

Board members as well as Superintendent Blaine Dauzat had recently taken online polls and spoken with concerned parents, teachers and others before reaching the decision.

Although some board members thought more time was needed to vote on the issue, Dauzat urged a vote taken at the meeting so his office could now which direction to plan the next school year.

Prior to the vote, a representative from Caldwell Parish schools explained to the Avoyelles Board how the four day week had been very good for the Caldwell schools.
After the meeting, Dauzat was upbeat about the decision. saying "We have a positive vibe right now in our school system.

The present Avoyelles Parish School board were elected last November with many of the new members promising change in the system which has struggled with funding and competition from private and the APCS charter school. Tuesday's vote proves they plan to deliver on their promise.


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