Sanity hearing for alleged cop-shooter Carpenter postponed

Coroner, psychologist must testify before reports accepted as evidene

A psychologist and the parish coroner should testify in court before any report concerning a defendant’s sanity is admitted into evidence, the attorneys for alleged cop-shooter Brandon Carpenter contended in a motion in the case.

Attorney George Higgins said he objected in 12th Judicial District Court on June 26 to the introduction of reports by Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeux and pychologist Dr. John Simoneaux, citing the previously filed motion requesting the two experts be on hand to testify at the hearing.

The hearing was postponed and will be rescheduled at a time when Simoneaux will be able to attend and testify.

“It is a routine motion,” Higgins said. “We want those who created the report to testify so that they can be subject to cross-examination and questioned about what is in the report.

Carpenter, 36, of Elizabeth is charged with four counts of attempted 1st degree murder of a police officer. Three of those were in connection with the wounding of three law enforcement officers during a stand-off at a Long Bridge home on May 11, 2017

State Police Trooper Nick Ducote and Marksville Police Department officer Dana Adams were treated at a hospital for gunshot wounds to their arms and Simmesport Police Chief Damion Jacobs received minor shrapnel wounds when Carpenter allegedly fired a shotgun out of the window of the house.

The shotgun was loaded with fine shot.


The chain of events began earlier that day in Hessmer, where Carpenter was reportedly living at the time, when Hessmer Police officers went to the residence to serve an out-of-parish warrant.

Carpenter drove away from the scene, striking an occupied police vehicle and prompting a high speed chase that ended at the Long Bridge residence -- where he reportedly had lived.

He was charged with attempted 1st degree murder due to what is alleged to have been an intentional collision with the police vehicle.

Carpenter had been scheduled for trial on Nov. 13 in 12th Judicial District Court in Marksville. However, when he pled not guilty by reason of insanity, the case was postponed pending a determination of his sanity.

If he is deemed sane, his trial will be rescheduled.

Assistant District Attorney Tony Salario is prosecuting the case.

Craig Jones and Craig Hill of Oakdale are lead attorneys on Carpenter’s defense with Higgins serving as co-counsel.


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