Students taken into custody for terrorizing”

UPDATE: Wednesday, three more students from Bunkie High and two from Avoyelles High were taken into custody by APSO for allegedly making threats against the schools. All five have claimed they were only joking and not making serious threats. School district officials have said students must be aware that this kind of issue is not a joking matter and all apparent threats must be taken seriously.
A student at LaSAS was in custody on Tuesday afternoon, March 6, after authorities were notified he made a threat to “shoot up the school.” The student, who was not named because he is a juvenile, if arrested would be booked into the Avoyelles Detention Center #1 and later released to his parents.
According to reports, the 15-year old ninth grader made random statements to other students as he walked round the school on Tuesday. The LaSAS administration found out and contacted authorities who went to the school.
Sheriff Doug Anderson and school superintendent Blaine Dauzat were and remain in close contact with each other on the situation. At this time no other students are known to be involved in the alleged plot. It is not known what type of weapon, if any, he planned to use.
According to sources at APSO, the student was planning the school shooting for another day. Allegedly, he was telling students who were safe and not talking to other students.
“If this is true, we will be pressing charges for terrorism” Dauzat said late Tuesday afternoon. “We will follow discipline already put in place and if the allegations are true, discipline will be harsh and swift."
No classes were interrupted and the school was never in lockdown. Dauzat and Anderson said there will be extra security at LaSAS when classes resume on Wednesday


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