Would-be Sally enters Gulf; on path for 'Toe of the Boot'

A tropical depression that is forecast to become Tropical Storm Sally around 1 a.m. Sunday is currently on a path that could have landfall near New Orleans Tuesday.

If the storm continues to develop and follows the current path, it is expected to make landfall east of New Orleans at about 1 p.m. Tuesday with sustained winds of 69 mph and gusts of 85 mph and cut through the Florida Parishes -- the 'Toe of the Boot' -- and north through western Mississippi. The path could change to take the storm as far east as the Florida Panhandle or west to Louisiana's central Gulf Coast, sending it basically up I-49 from Lafayette to Alexandria and beyond.

If Tropical Depression 19 becomes Sally, there would be three named storms in the Atlantic/Gulf region with the possibility of two more systems on their way from the African coast -- one with a high chance of developing into Teddy and the other with a moderate chance of becoming Vicky. The storm would also be the earliest "S" storm since Stan, who earned his name on Oct. 2, 2005.

Paulette now appears to have her eye set on visiting Bermuda Tuesday as a Category 2 hurricane with 104 mph winds and 127 mph gusts. Rene is expected to diminish to a tropical depression by Wednesday, having remained at sea with no threat to land.

The Carolina disturbance that had a chance to be Sally caused some heavy rains but did not develop into a tropical storm before hitting land and breaking up.


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