A dedication ceremony near Walmart this Saturday will honor 15 Avoyelles Parish men who were killed in Vietnam. This image is of the iconic "combat grave" symbol. A version of this image is featured on the memorial to be unveiled at the Saturday ceremony.

15 fallen Vietnam soldiers to be honored Saturday

It was called “America’s most unpopular war” and the “War the U.S. lost.” Those who survived the jungles of Vietnam returned home to protesters who condemned them for their part in the war.

Irma Young (left) and husband Melvin Young listen to speakers recall fond memories of “Miss Irma” at a retirement party in her honor on Oct. 27. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

Marksville Police Chief Elster Smith gives Irma Young a big hug at her retirement party on Oct. 27. Irma was a city police dispatcher for 43 years. {Photo by Raymond L. Daye}

MPD dispatcher Irma Young retires

When elected officials, law enforcement officers and numerous friends get together to praise a person’s life -- while that person is still alive to enjoy that praise -- it is a rare occasion indee



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