Father throws newborn in trash can

Vick man charged with attempted 1st degree murder

There are few acts of violence that stir up emotions quicker and more intensely than an attempt to harm an infant.

This past Saturday (Sept. 8), this parish was shocked and angered by a report that 32-year-old Brandon Whiddon of Vick threw his 2-day-old son into a Fifth Ward convenience store’s garbage can.

Whiddon was accompanied by his mother and the newborn’s mother when he allegedly tossed the infant in a trash can at the gas pumps of Shawn’s in Fifth Ward.

Whiddon was charged with attempted 1st degree murder in connection with his actions against the infant.

When the infant’s grandmother attempted to retrieve the baby, Whiddon allegedly shoved her against a pillar at the gas pumps and choked her. He was charged with 2nd degree battery in
connection with the alleged assault of his mother.

Whiddon is still in Avoyelles Detention Center #1 in Marksville under $350,000 bond.

The baby boy was checked at a local hospital and was reportedly unharmed in the incident.

Customers at the store saw what was happening and rushed to rescue the newborn from the garbage can.

Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators interviewed witnesses and reviewed security camera video prior to arresting Whiddon.

APSO Chief Deputy Steve Martel said the store’s security video shows five people rushing to the scene as Whiddon is choking his mother.

“They take him to the ground, retrieve the baby from the trash can and detain him until police arrive,” Martel said. “There were definitely some ‘Good Samaritans’ out there that day who did a really good thing.”

Martel said more customers and employees continued to come to the scene to ensure Whiddon was secured and the child was okay until authorities arrived.

“They say it ‘takes a village to raise a child,’” Martel said. “I guess that was proven in this case, with so many people coming to the assistance of this infant.”

Authorities have not offered any reason for the alleged action against the baby, nor have they speculated on possible motives or causes for Whiddon’s reported actions.

News reports of the incident fueled social media commentaries over the weekend.

Those taking to the cyber-sites shared feelings of shock, outrage, disbelief, concern for the families involved, a desire for justice if the charges are true and relief that the baby was apparently unharmed.


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