Anne Couvillon Cappel

Anne Cappel, Counsellor, Artist, Genealogist, died January 12th in New Orleans of complications from a stroke. Anne was born June 15th, 1937 to Minnie Marzelle Cherry and Ryan Joseph Couvillon in Marksville, Louisiana.

A 1959 graduate of LSU, Anne received her MSW from the University of Lafayette; she was a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and was integral to the early years of the adolescent unit at Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville, Louisiana. She later developed a VR Resource Library in Baton Rouge and spent many years in the VR office in New Orleans. She lived and worked in central and southern Louisiana throughout her life, and spent a dozen years in Texas helping her "grandbabies" grow up. She lived twice in New Orleans, her favorite place on earth. Anne loved being with her family, laughing until she cried, really, really sweet wine, romance novels, baseball, bad puns, and good food -- especially crawfish.

She was an accomplished artist, writer, photographer and researcher. She embraced technology, acquiring her first Mac in the mid-80s and creating her last artwork on her new iPad a week before her death. A voracious reader, she touted e-books as her favorite invention of the 21st century. She solved problems and crossword puzzles with ease, cooked wonderfully and was a curious and happy traveler. Strong-willed and soft-hearted, she faced adversity with courage and grace, and found delight in even ordinary circumstance. Triumphantly self-reliant, she believed in herself and was enthusiastically supportive of those she loved. She never encountered a light that needed to be quite that bright or a door that could not have been closed just a little more quietly.

She is survived by two daughters, Anne Maroy Merino of Dallas, Texas, and Caroline Cherry Cappel of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and their spouses, Robert Merino and Elizabeth Blankenship; three extremely beloved grandchildren, Sarah Anne Butler of Houston, Texas, and Robert Ryan Merino and Matthew Louis Merino of Dallas, Texas; and two brothers, John Wade Couvillon of Baton Rouge and Michael J. Couvillon of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She is remembered and missed every single day. A memorial gathering will be held at the St. Genevieve Family Center at 815 Barbier Ave. in Thibodaux, Louisiana from 1-3pm on April 13th. There will food and drink and laughing and crying, and if you have a memory or photo you'd like to share, please bring it with you


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