Avoyelles School Board approves several school projects

Security cameras, phones computers topped schools' Christmas wish list

The top “toys” on Avoyelles Parish schools’ wish list were security cameras, computers and IP phones. Partitions and fences also made the list of projects approved by the School Board.
The board’s Needs Assessment Committee met in November to consider the schools’ requests. The board approved those recommendations at its Dec. 6 meeting.
The approved projects totaled $127,722. Bunkie Elementary had the highest appropriation at $20,383.80. Lafargue received the least at $6,058.
The Needs Assessment Committee had to say “No” more often than it could say “Yes” due to budget constraints in the board’s Needs Assessment program. It received about 30 requests.
Principals and NAC members worked together to determine each school’s greatest need.
The largest single project was $16,000 to fence the entire campus of Plaucheville Elementary. It was the only item on PES’ Christmas list.
Most schools asked for additional security cameras. That request was approved for schools with few or no cameras and rejected for those the committee deemed had an adequate number of cameras.
Bunkie Elementary Learning Academy was approved for $11,495 to purchase chairs and front end desks, and $8,888.80 to purchase 30 Chrome base computers for its computer lab.
The committee denied BELA’s request to purchase a privacy fence between the school and an adjacent abandoned house. It also nixed a request for landscaping and for additional security cameras.
Cottonport Elementary was approved for a partition totaling $12,000, a fence for $3,000 and 12 IP phones for $2,268.
CES’ requests for security cameras, 30 Chrome computers 10 HP ProBooks and five Epson projectors were denied.
Lafargue Elementary was allocated $5,491 to purchase five security cameras and $567 for three IP phones. The school’s request for 30 Chrome books and two smartboards was not funded.
Marksville Elementary was allowed $12,000 for a partition and $6.334 for 30 HP Chrome books. MES was denied funding for five security cameras and 10 HP Probooks.
Riverside Elementary was approved for 30 Chrome computers for $8,888.70 and 14 IP phones for $2,646. However, “Santa” said no to 10 Epson projectors and seven DETEL desktop computers.
There’s always one child in Santa’s line that has a mile-long list. In this case, that child was Avoyelles High.
The “Home of the Mustangs” was allocated $11,000 for additional security cameras.
With an apparent “it doesn’t hurt to ask” attitude, AHS was denied funding for (1) a basketball scoreboard (2) gymnasium exit doors, (3)repairs/ renovations to the gym concession stand, (4) band bleachers, (5) parking for athletic events, (6) remodeling the gymnasium restrooms, (7) parking lot and Health Center drainage improvement, (8) 15 Chrome books and (9) telephones.
Bunkie High was authorized $8,505 for student desks and $11,000 to purchase extra security cameras.
BHS also presented some major projects that were denied -- a new track facility, additional bleachers and an auditorium.
The auditorium project is already in the board’s 10-year plan and is set to receive bids for the contract in late 2017. Discussion of either repairing or reconstructing the Panthers’ track is being addressed by the Building and Lands Committee.
Marksville High was approved $8,505 for 10 extra security cameras and $1,134 for six IP phones.
MHS was denied 30 Chrome books, 36 Chrome computers, 40 laptops, six Epson projectors and Elmo-Document cameras, 60 calculators and 10 printers.


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